TOS® What is it??


  • TOS (Technical Partnership system) öztek's long-standing Local Service services and the selected companies that it serves together, gathered under one roof in Turkey (81 provinces));
  • Standardization of services,
  • Determined costs and service levels for customers,
  • The work is performed at the specified quality and time,
  • The local services to be provided are designed by öztek and controlled from a single center,
  • Process and results are reported to our customers in the internet environment effectively, accurately and on-line,
  • Maintenance and support services are provided in continuation of the services provided.,
  • It is a system in which customers have a commercial relationship with a single point and they have a single responsibility.

TOS ®Vizyonu

  • With our service network that we have configured in 81 provinces, we are able to integrate Telecommunication and Information Technology Solutions;
  • Assisting our customers and their customers in the implementation of local service applications,
  • To create a brand in this context,
  • The leading company is to protect and strengthen our position.

TOS Advantages

  • Chance > Chance To Take Part In More Projects Across Turkey
  • Income Increase - I > Income From Participating Projects
  • Income increase - II > income from projects brought to the system
  • Limited Liability > Executing The Management Of The Customer By Öztek
  • Training and certification > participate in educational organizations and receive certificates


ÖZTEK Technical partnership system

  • Technical partnership system covering 81 provinces
  • Installation and maintenance services
  • Projecting
  • Reporting
  • After-Sales Technical Support
  • Turktrust Networks /Services
  • Siemens Tdm Santral
  • Ip Telecom ,Switch,Router,Wifi Access Point
  • Dslam
  • Femto Cell
  • Satellite Services

Carried Out/Completed Projects

  • 20.000 ‘more than one enterprise customer satellite installation
  • More than 5,000 individual customers satellite installation
  • More than 40,000 GSHDSL/ADSL/VDSL/Metro installations
  • More than 500 construction sites Cabinnet AssemblyDslam Installations
  • Than 1,000 more Siemens IPPbx Installation of the Cantral
  • More than 100,000 individuals and for corporate customers malfunction intervention
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